About Me

Hi I'm Jay


I was born with Moebius Syndrome, a condition that affects my facial muscles, feet and legs amongst other things. At birth the doctors gave me very little chance of walking, talking and even surviving, but I defied the odds and proved them wrong time and time again. I have been through many operations to help make me the man I am today. Throughout this journey I have been through primary school, high school, college and have gained a 2ndclass Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from Leeds Arts University and now I am launching my first fashion footwear line.  



My current work focuses on sculptural fashion design and draws inspiration from the work of Madame Gres amongst many other designers. Madame Gres wanted to become a sculptor but ended up pursuing a career as a hugely successful haute couture fashion designer “I wanted to be a sculptor — for me it is just the same to work with fabric or stone,” (Gres cited in Menkes, 2011). 

Materials First


I work with a variety of materials such as woods, metals, fabrics, ceramics and plaster.  I employ the use of complex shapes and dynamic forms such as curves, pleats, and folds to create an aesthetic that is sculpturally visual. These materials are very applicable in the different ways of holding structural forms and also to modernist design.